Study the effects of gi fertilizer formulases to growth, yield and quality of sanh Ha Giang orange


  • Xuyen Nguyen Thi Trường Cao đẳng kinh tế kỹ thuật Thái Nguyên
  • Hoc Vi Xuan Tan Trao University
  • Thuy La Thi Tan Trao University



fertilizer, fruit setting, yields, quality of Sanh Ha Giang orange


Sanh orange is one of the specialties of Ha Giang province, in order to create good conditions for plant growth and increase annual productivity, yield and quality, it is necessary to supplement nutrition elements promptly. Studies about the effect of fertilizer formulas from 2018 to 2019 on Sanh orange in Ha Giang province shew that putting down fertilizer at a dosage of 600 grams per tree according to nitrogen at 3 levels has a positive effect on plant height, crown diameter, bud size and not affect the time of occurrence of buds. Applying NPK fertilizer at the ratio (1: 1: 1 and 1: 0.75; 1) has improved the fruiting rate, yield and quality of Sanh Ha Giang oranges


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