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Scientific Journal of Tan Trao University (SJ TTU)  serves as a transdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research concepts, policies, and technologies. When research is accepted for publication, authors can choose to publish using either the traditional publishing route or open access.

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Writing Mathematics for MathJax


\(\frac{\text{Tan Trao University}}{\text{ Scientific Journal of Tan Trao University }}\) Display mathematics in a web page To display mathematics in your web page, you can use TeX and LaTeX notation, MathML notation, AsciiMath notation, or a combination of all three within the same page; the MathJax configuration tells MathJax which you want to use, and how you plan to indicate the mathematics when you are using TeX/LaTeX or AsciiMath notation. These three formats are described in more detail below. TeX and LaTeX input Mathematics that is written in TeX or LaTeX format is indicated using math delimiters that surround the mathematics, telling MathJax what part of your page represents mathematics and what is normal text. There are two types of equations: ones that occur within a paragraph (in-line mathematics), and larger equations that appear separated from the rest of the text on lines by themselves (displayed mathematics). The default math delimiters are $$ ... $$ and \(\backslash[ ... \backslash]\) for displayed mathematics, and \(\backslash ( ... \backslash )\) for in-line mathematics. Note in particular that the $ ... $ in-line delimiters are not used by default. That is because dollar signs appear too often in non-mathematical settings, which could cause some text to be treated as mathematics unexpectedly. For example, with single-dollar delimiters, “… the cost is $2.50 for the first one, and $2.00 for each additional one …” would cause the phrase “2.50 for the first one, and” to be treated as mathematics since it falls between dollar signs. See the section on TeX and LaTeX Math Delimiters for more information on using dollar signs as delimiters.

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